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WOW! Customer Service Training

  • How Do YOU Feel When You Are The Customer
  • Importance of Service Excellence
  • What Do Customers Want
  • Handling Upset Customers
  • Your Role & Your Impact
  • What Should You Do
  • Why Should You Do It

This session is designed to make your employees understand the importance of customer service and more importantly, how and why they can effect it. We are often told that these sessions "change people's lives". Using a combination of lecture, film, graphics, and conversations we will take your employees on a fun and emotional ride resulting in positive paradigm shifts. We will make your average employees good, and your good employees great! Guaranteed!

A very interesting part of this experience is the opening session, where we all share stories of how we felt as consumers where we were either pleased or disappointed with our experience. By hearing these stories the participants all start to understand how seemingly small things can make a huge impact on customers. We then continue to convince them that they can and should improve their service skills. The concluding session has them deciding what or how they will change when they get back to their jobs tomorrow.

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