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Coaching for Service Excellence

  • Importance of Service Excellence
  • Your Role & Your Impact
  • The Coaching Plan A-E-F (How to Implement Change)
    • Create Awareness
    • Set Expectations
    • Continuous Feedback
  • Feedback Methods
  • Skills Practicing (Coaching for Results)
  • AEF Implementation Plan

This session is designed to first make managers understand the importance of customer service excellence. It then continues with how they can effect the behavior of their staff. Our coaching plan allows the managers to recognize positive behavior and address/improve deficient areas. Our plan was developed through research and experience in both management and training.

A very interesting part of this day is the Skills Practicing sessions. We begin by having several participants act out a common customer contact situation. The other participants watch and take notes on the behaviors exhibited or missed. We then discuss the notes to see if all agree. Then one participant "coaches" the employee and others watch and take notes on the skill and effectiveness of the coaching session. Another discussion follows about what went right and what could have been better about the coaching session. These are usually fun and effective sessions that really prepare the managers for "real-life" coaching experiences.

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