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Web Surveys

"Surveys are important because businesses need to get direct, honest, objective feedback from their staff members. Even in credit unions with open and honest communication between staff and management many employees will not feel comfortable giving negative feedback and are unlikely to approach management. Staff members are much more likely to be candid when the method is anonymous. If you are really committed to improving your organization you need to be in touch and responsive to your employees. The result will have a positive impact on the work environment and ultimately improve member service."
Todd Surline, Vice President HR

"I think you need to know the pulse of your credit union and we can't be everywhere, everyday. It gives the staff the opportunity to give us their input so we can improve working conditions. People like to be heard. The bottom line is that it will help you to retain good people."
Mark Brennan, Vice President HR

"A big reason is the high cost of turnover. It's so expensive to attract, recruit and hire today. So once you have good people you need to be sure you are meeting their needs. You want to know if they are satisfied with their jobs. And it's also a performance issue. Employee satisfaction will be reflected in performance."
Janet McDonald, Vice President HR

Why Survey on the Web?

"We studied this and found that the Web survey gives you a much faster turnaround for the results. It is more efficient because your employees can complete it very quickly and there are no papers to handle, seal and mail. It also sends a signal to your staff that you are committed to new technology. It is very easy to complete using tools your people already have. It's another exposure to technology and that's always a plus. "
Todd Surline, Vice President HR

"There is a quick turnaround time by using technology that we are all getting more comfortable with. The Web Survey has a very professional look and we've noticed that people are more apt to complete the survey."
Mark Brennan, Vice President HR

"I think there is a huge confidentiality benefit to surveying on the Internet. It was my experience at Purdue Employees FCU that our employees felt the integrity of the process was much higher than past surveys done on paper. Also the Web based survey demonstrates management's commitment to technology."
Janet McDonald, Senior VP Human Resources

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